About Spunktown

The building that houses the Spunktown Tavern was purchased in July of 2002 by Steve Oswald, local sandwich shop owner and Boyertown High School grad.  The building had previously been run as the Englesville Hotel and the Silver Slipper.  When Steve purchased the building his friends and advisors said he was crazy.  Steve actually had to chase a flock of birds out of the building that had come in through a hole in the roof. 


Spunktown Hotel 2003 

Englesville Hotel 2002


The building was well over 100 years old and needed a lot of work to say the least.  There were doubts that he'd be able to get it up and running or that he'd even be able to get the building insured in the condition it was in.  The plumbing and electrical needed to be completely redone and the kitchen was non-existent.  He had always wanted to own a bar though, and he was determined to make the numerous repairs and create a place where the community could gather to enjoy a meal and a drink.


During renovations many old newspapers and local artifacts were found in the building.  The name Spunktown is an historic reference as well.  "Englesville in the 1930s was a rough and spirited town earning the nickname Spunktown.  Then, in World War II, a local man, Captain Earl Fryer, flew a P-51 fighter of the 55th Fighter Group against the Germans.  He named his plane ‘Spunktown’ in honor of his hometown of Boyertown (named "Spunktown" at the time) and was killed in action in 1944."



Capt. Earl R Fryer, 38th Fighter Squadron. P-51D 44-13804 CG-Z “Spunktown”. 

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After spending nine months with the help of friends and family on a project that he thought would take only five, Steve was finally able to open Spunktown in 2003.


Now, more than ten years after purchasing the building, with Steve and Eddie taking turns at the grill Spunktown is turning out great lunches and dinners six days a week.  Come in for some wings at the bar or bring mom and dad in for a Prime Rib dinner in the dining room.  There are also great meals for the kids.  Spunktown Tavern has become the place to watch a game or just catch up on what's going on in the Boyertown community.


Stop in soon and be sure to say hi to Steve while you're here!   


Steve Oswald 2003 

Steve Oswald 2003